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Thanks and Credit


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Someone I debt to...

Doomo Arigatou Gozaimasta

Speacial to my very best cousin..Jenny and Phyllis,they always help me out,Jenny-also help me to built this site,Phyllis-gives me a lots of information.

Also to my Internet partner,Menagi chan,Heather,Jamie and many more thank you very much for advising me,recommending me and willing to e-mail me.^_^
I appreciate it very much.I hope my site is as cool as your site.
Beth,Menagi,Jamie and Sheena are the one who signed my first guestbook too^_^
Heather,I remember your the first one who visit my first site and giving me such a good comment,and you trying and trying to helped me so many times.I apreciate it very much.Well,I manage to save the guestbook now,it's a long story.I got two guestbook now^_^.

Celina Kou's