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Here I might add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change.

27/4/01- I built my first Seiya's world site.

-Keep building and building
28/5/01-I failed by making a big-big mistakes and deleted entire site.T_T

7/6/01-Built a new site-Seiya's second world...Everyone,thanks for supporting me,I realise I must stand up!Moon Crisis power,Makeup^.^

26/6/01-I payed 69 dollars for my Internet-HOT!!I promise I'll only built my site once a week.

28/6/01-I built my Seiya's Studio

1/7/01-I built my picture gallery and add a picture from Jamie

6/7/01-I built my library

7/7/01-I built Niiyama Shiho memorial.I published my site.

14/7/01-I checked my site.Thanks Heather for E-mail me and Jamie for signed my guestbook.I make an article-Bitter Story and published it today at Celina Kou's Library.I permanently delete my Uteno site-I quit!!

21/7/02-Update site with new look pictures my gallery too.

22/7/01-Built my music room

26/7/01-I publish my music room.

28/7/01-I suddenly remember Seiya's Birthday-30 July.I decided to make a birthday party.In two hours I manage to built it.It was only avaible for one weeks-28 until 30 July

8/8/01-I bulit my last site,Animation World and deleted my Seiya's Birthday Party but I still have the poems.I decided to 'quit' from updating this site from now on.But I never gonna delete my site.And yes,I still receiving any mails.Goodbye Minna san,Ja ne...*T_T*/*^_^*

15/8/01-I found my guestbook of my old Seiya's World!!I doned so many changes.Thanks a lot,Owen.After this,I really stop-I have enough..Hi,hi^.^