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Seiya's second world
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Celina Kou's Profile

Favorites shenshi and Comments about Sailormoon cartoon

Sailor Neptune,Sailor Uranus,Sailor Chibimoon,Sailor Saturn,Sailor Star Lights,Sailor Mars,Jupiter,Venus and Mercury.....Sailormoon?-only 40%....she's so childish and she stole Seiya's heart-she don't fight in battle and need to be protected.

Here's a list of some of my comments about Sailormoon Cartoons

It's full with humor,animation and harrassing.But why most of man fall in love with Usagi?-Mamoru,Sujirou,Demand and Seiya?And one more,Sailormoon is weak because she can't fight without her friend but strong inside her heart.That's funny...Anyway this is only my comments,please don't blame me...

Konichiwa,this is Celina Kou's personal details.

Nick name:Celina Kou's (Sailor Virgo)
Sign: Pisces
Age:I was born in 1987,guess how old I am now
Hobby:Computering,watch tv,drawing,doing house work,listen to music and enjoy blowing wind.
Favourite animation cartoons:Salormoon,Sakura Cardcopter,Zenki,Dragonball,Vampire Hunter,Utena Tenjo and many more.
Stayed at :East Malaysia
Food I hate:Banana+.+
Favorite Subject:Engg.
Least Preffered Subject:Math
School Clubs:Chess and computer
Afraid of:Reptile,Oni,Injection+_+and worms
Likes:wind,rainbow-lucky,crystal,teddy bear,flowers,city at night,rain,puppy and music.
Peoples I like:Granpa,father,uncle Jackson,my cousins-Owen,Joey,Phyllis,Daisy and Lily,Niiyama Shiho,Naoko Takeuchi and Josephine Meon-my church people
Skill:Nothing but drawing
Trouble Dealing with:My mom..
Light of Hope:Enjoy normal life,to know many friends from other countries,built a special homepage,travel around the world,successful,be kind..
Ambition:To be a photograher,like Naoko and a lawyer.
Qoutes:Be Yourself


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