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Seiya's second world
Seiya's studio


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Hi,this is a site to Seiya's other music site.

You will go to other site that you can download the mp3 and movies below.Believe me,you will download succesfully.All my movies and mp3 are downloaded here.What you need is Win zip and winamp skin.Some did'nt using Win Zip.Good Luck.

avi movies files

starfighter transformation II [1.59 mb] /// star serious laser [1.29 mb] /// seiya trains usagi in softball [1.33 mb] /// seiya kisses usagi on the cheek [1.63 mb] ///

Usagi on the balcony, with Chibi-Chibi on her back, chatting with Seiya, Usagi shows her stuff at baseball,the outers and stars face off,disturbing thoughts plague Star Fighter,Star Fighter transforms, the Star Lights sing and Chibi Chibi glows ,the Star Lights transform...

Usagi meets Seiya,Seiya imagines Usagi as Kagayaku,Seiya plays drum,Seiya comfrots Usagi,Seiya kisses Usagi...

Mp3 files

Seiya's cd single:Ginga Ichi,Ginga Ichi karaoke,prologue and poem. Yaten cd single:Mayonaka Hitori,Mayonaka Hitori Karaoke,prologue and poem. Taiki cd single:Chikarawo Awasete,Chikarawo Awasete Karaoke,prologue and poem

'seiya, yaten, taiki' (bgm) [2.18 mb] /// 'seiya no omoi' (bgm) [1.38 mb] /// starlights transformation (bgm) [1.52 mb] /// starlights appear (bgm) [1 mb] /// seiya's prologue [1.54 mb] /// seiya's poem [2.84 mb] ///



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